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  • "I have been very pleased with TMC's attention to detail, their anticipation of future issues before they became problems and their sense of design. If you are considering them for making your investment a reality, I would suggest that you look no further."
  • "Charlie and his crew were respectful of our requests and my wife and I never felt our wishes or our home were being treated as just another job. They were doing their work in the manner they would have done it just as if it was their own home."
  • "Charlie Main has been our friend since 1991. We were impressed by his enthusiasm and experience as a “high end” home builder. We worked with him to build our 5000 sq ft home, which he accomplished in eight months with no hitches."
  • "This project had been sitting on the table for many years. The initial costs of the project were staggering for a congregation of our size, but with the help of The Main Company we were able to get the job done. The teamwork and spirit that they brought to our church will forever be remembered."
  • "I feel that Mr. Main has excellent knowledge of the construction industry, is an honest man, and is willing to work as a team player to deliver the best product at the best price to the owner. I would recommend him for future projects without hesitation."
  • "I have just completed working with Charlie Main on a project that presented some difficulties as it bordered on property lines with other existing businesses. Charlie did a good job coordinating the construction challenges as the project unfolded. The quality of the work was excellent and I would welcome a phone call from anyone to give a personal recommendation for Charlie Main."
  • "I have found Charlie to be an extremely valuable and experienced project manager. His management and technical skills, along with his foresight and thoroughness, kept projects on schedule, within their budget and of high quality."
  • "After over 20 years of professional experience dealing with all trades in all parts of the world, I continue to learn from my experience with Charlie. I am especially impressed by his continued sincere concern for his clients. I consider myself and the entire staff at Portney Construction very fortunate to be associated with The Main Company."
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    Charlie Main earned a BS in Construction Management from Chico State in 1983. He spent 5 years learning estimating, bidding and project management working for a $100 million construction firm in Sacramento, CA, before he started his own business. Charlie believes he is uniquely suited to address projects that have challenging structural requirements or demanding time constraints that require a focused team approach for successful completion. His hands-on approach ensures that problem solving and follow-through happen without excuse.

    Charlie takes pride in being a member of the Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo and believes in the club motto “Service above Self”. An avid golfer, painter and woodworker, Charlie finds building creatively challenging and approaches each project as a chance to exceed the clients’ expectations.

    CEO Charlie Main and CFO Terri Main

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    Terri Main is the CEO, CFO, chief cook and bottle washer of The Main Company. A Computer Science graduate, she worked for Hewlett-Packard for 5 years before she decided to focus 100% of her time and energy on the accounting and administrative work of the family business. Many years of experience have streamlined TMC’s accounting system and helped the company grow by timely delivery of both accounts payable and accounts receivable. Terri is a Chartered Financial Consultant and her stewardship has helped The Main Company to remain profitable with a strong balance sheet.