• 950 Wild Oats

    In early 2013, The Main Company was called to work with a young family and architect Warren Hamrick to remodel a large 5600 sq ft ranch home in Templeton, CA. Structural Engineer Taylor-Syfan was asked to direct structural renovation to bring the 30 year old construction to todays code minimums. New foundations, beams and shear walls were integrated into the existing framework. Project parameters also included upgrading the existing foundation that had originally been constructed in 1982. New floor plan designs required extensive structural shoring, to allow for interior wall removals and insertion of large new structural steel beams. All finishes top to bottom were re-done including a very elaborate lighting control system.

    At the end of the project we had the complete satisfaction of building a very deluxe tree house for the families twin 4 year olds, and their 6 and 8 year old. The Disney inspired tree house includes a slide pole, a rope swing and integration into a large stately oak on the property.